The Four Detox Organs

Healing Process

The basic philosophy behind  treatment with our products is to locate the cause of the different  symptoms in a horse. These symptoms are very often caused by an accumulation of waste products and toxins in the detoxifying organs; large intestine, kidneys, lungs and skin.

When a treatment is started, the body’s own healing process will take effect. The healing process may temporarily affect the horse’s general condition. The most common signs of a healing process are alterations in the smell and consistency of urine and manure.

This process may take place 1-2 weeks into the treatment and will last for   approximately 4-5 days. The healing process is not dangerous in any way for the horse, which may be trained and raced as usual during this time.

A less frequent reaction to the treatment is that the horse’s existing symptoms are enhanced. The horse may also appear tired and/or have a higher pulse during and after strenuous training/racing.

If this occurs, a period of lighter training is recommended, until the horse’s general condition is back to normal.


Use the three products once a month and detox the horse once in the fall and once in the spring

Colophore for fat-soluble toxins
Respirator for gaseous toxins
Renefor for water-soluble toxins